Why do you need it?

Your store, your app

Shopping experience on a touchscreen device is more fun and much easier in a native app than in a browser window.


ShopDash can connect to your existing webshop and gather all the content you need. No additional tasks to do, its automated.


With your own app you win a new marketing and sales channel. Announce promotions by push notifications, which will result in additional sales.

A recent study tells that 32% of mobile Internet activities are purchase related. It's time to expand your business into m-commerce.


What will you get?


Your brand needs higher awareness and your store needs more traction. Its time to utilize the power of mobile, the influential device which is in the pockets of your customers 24/7. Communicate with your shoppers on mobile and achieve an increase in revenue. Here is a new way of serving your customers, now with iBeacon support.


Our mission is to provide an alternative to printed catalogs, that is why we built a native catalog app. All our efforts has gone into satisfying mobile users and integrating appropriate functionality. Go green, lower your cost on print materials and use a mobile app to promote your catalogs and monetize at the same time.


The ultimate connection tool for your Magento based webshop. With this extension pack you can integrate your products, deals and payment, all at once. If you choose ShopDash, your Magento store can have a native mobile application with all the functionality right away. Have a super slick shopping app that works just smoothly.


ShopDash not only supports third-party plugins like Magento or Joomla, but also provides an API for developers to make the integration process seamless as possible. This will result in lower cost, no more never ending development process on a high price so our service can be available within a week. 


Online shopping reimagined

Although consumer habits has changed substantially, online shopping remained somewhat the same. Smartphones and tablets offer a user experience that no printed catalog or webstore could ever achieve.

Push Notifications

Connect with your store. ShopDash not only supports third-party plugins like Magento and Joomla, but also provides an API for developers to make the integration process as seamless as possible.

Catalog-style Shopping

Great shopping experience starts with a slick and smooth native app. ShopDash is driving in m-commerce and will deliver measurable increases in your online revenue and customer satisfaction.

Visual recommendations

The cross-swipe feature with filters applied on the columns makes visual recommendations in ShopDash truly distinctive from any existing ways of product research.


All version of ShopDash (iOS, Android, smartphones and tablets) supports the new Low Energy Bluetooth technology called iBeacon. With this feature, you can notify your customers nearby (or next to a certain point) without any additional cost or resources.

Native Cart & Payments

Shoppers can add products to their shopping carts easily from several catalogs and have to deal with checkout only when they made their decisions and finished browsing them.

With ShopDash, your shop will have a fully branded, high quality iOS and Android app with your catalogs, products and deals, all synchronized automatically with your store.



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