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Shopping App for Magento – Imagine 2015

By now everyone is familiar with Magento eCommerce and how essential it is for a business. But since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, mCommerce is catching up to it’s big brother. For most of us mCommerce is just only a mobile version of our already existing webshop. But here’s where we are getting it…

April 18, 2015 No Comments

Half of shoppers at top retailers are mobile

According to new 2015 data from comScore Inc., in the new mobile economy, many U.S. consumers’ home desktop PCs are fossils gathering dust as these consumers rely almost entirely on smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. In fact, says the report, 10% of U.S. Internet users only access the Internet on mobile devices and…

February 25, 2015 No Comments

In mobile commerce, timing is everything

Mobile marketers are fond of saying that they target “moments” as much as they do people and content. Mobility has broadened our traditional notions of media “context” to appreciate more fully the various modes of use, states of mind and moods in which a consumer is coming to consumption. Of course this has always been…

January 21, 2015 No Comments

How online stores can benefit from having a full mobile and tablet presence

Just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days and most of these mobile device owners enjoy using them for easily making purchases. Research studies have found that about 80 percent of all smartphone or tablet owners use them to shop. Many technology experts actually predict that by the end of the year 2017,…

December 23, 2014 No Comments

The 5 reasons why retailers should go mobile

You have probably noticed that eCommerce technologies took the fashion industry by storm in the last couple of years. But another revolution is just around the corner. We collected 5 reasons why should retailers provide the new way of shopping, and use mCommerce. Luxury and fast fashion brands are already on mobile, you should be…

November 27, 2014 No Comments

Exhibitions on mobile commerce 2014

Over the last few weeks we have participated in a few e-commerce related exhibitions and conferences, showcasing ShopDash and talking about the importance of mobile commerce. One of the most notable event was Magento Live in Münich, Germany (MLDE14), which was a very important event for ShopDash. The event was organized to bring together many e-commerce experts…

November 4, 2014 No Comments

Take the next step with mCommerce!

At first, you should ask yourself: Is mCommerce right for your business? Most of the time the answer is yes. Why? Take a look at your website’s traffic. You will see, that huge part of it came from tablets or smartphones, and it is growing day by day. Why would not take advantage of it?…

October 14, 2014 No Comments

Let’s talk about this crazy fashion month!

New York, London, Milan and then the cherry on the top: Paris. This is always the perfect time to look around and get inspired. At this time you can see lots of fashionistas, bloggers, photographers, magazine editors and celebrities from all over the word. Luckily, now you can find live streams of the shows online…

September 30, 2014 No Comments

Mobile Retail Passes the 50% Point, Tops Desktop

Mobile is finally beating the desktop for shopping at retailer websites. We’ve seen this coming for some time in a monthly mobile tracking study we’ve been following for some time. For the first time, more than half (51%) of visits to retailers’ websites came from mobile devices, according to a new report. When the tracking…

September 10, 2014 No Comments

M-commerce : The next big thing in the fashion industry

The other day I went to one of my favourite fast fashion store, because I just fell in love with a cute dress on the webshop. I was not sure about the sizing, so hesitated to buy it online. When I tried it on it was perfect, except this little rip on the side. I asked…

August 27, 2014 No Comments
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